Steve Schmidt & Julie Crews
May 1st - June 6th


FW Gallery presents their next exhibit featuring Steve Schmidt and Julie Crews.  Steve Schmidt’s abstract works on canvas and panel are captivating “windows" from which the viewer sees colors clash and commingle in dramatic tableau, not unlike the natural world. Bold strokes of paint float above optimistic colors like cheerful yellows and expansive, verdant greens. The artist relies on personal experience to re-create vaguely familiar forms, left to the audience to contemplate. Julie Crews paints scenes that give the viewer an intimate glimpse into her personal life, exposing the delicacy of monotony and repetition regarding domestic life. She generally works from the many snapshots she takes of seemingly boring landscapes, interiors and people in her life doing commonplace things. She works, indirectly, from the life it takes to nurture a family and her work bespeaks an ability to find beauty in the mundane and surprise in the repetitious.

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